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    Fire drills: Why they need to be in every return-to-office plan

    Kogniz Makes SOC Tabletop Exercise Compliance Easy with Drata Integration

    Wall Street Journal: AI Startup Rolls Out Effort to Autonomously Detect Mass Shooters

    Kogniz Unveils Next-Generation Computer Vision Platform to Predict and Prevent Safety and Operations Issues

    Kognizite Spotlight: Philip Tang

    Where Most Gun Detection Technology Falls Short...

    Using Computer Vision and AI to Reduce Injuries During Workplace Evacuations

    Kognizite Spotlight: Rohan Abraham

    How Banks Use Computer Vision to Reduce Security Risks

    Kognizite Spotlight: Whitney Heuer

    Computer Vision & AI Reduce Distribution Center Inventory Losses

    An Easier Way to Detect Conveyor Belt Defects

    Kognizite Spotlight: Patrick Monteith

    Don’t Wait for the Right Time for a Tabletop Exercise

    Kognizite Spotlight: Catherine Banville

    6 Reasons Why Safety Binder Automation is Mission-Critical

    Before we leap into 2022, let’s look at 2021

    Companies get serious with unvaccinated employees

    OSHA’s updated ETS aims to reduce COVID-19 in the workplace through vaccine mandate

    Who Makes "The Call?"​

    Easily automate federal vaccine mandate compliance

    Three must-haves for your business travel policy

    The new vaccine mandate doesn’t have to hurt

    Taking the hassle out of checking for masks

    Take action to bring your fire safety & evacuation plans to the next level

    CDC guidance reversal: Get ready to mask up again... in some places

    How to proactively prepare for workplace violence

    Limits of computer vision: Computers don’t have arms

    Four signs that your legacy mass notification system doesn’t cut it anymore

    CDC Guidance and Worker Health & Safety: a Legal Perspective

    Hand ID: A glimpse into the (not-so-distant) future of biometric ID & authentication

    Inference at the edge: Getting more out of camera investments

    4 key considerations for determining office space investments

    CDC says Drop your Mask to the vaccinated. What will companies do?

    Kogniz AssureAI releases dashboards, vaccine management and Snowflake

    How companies plan to encourage life-saving vaccines for employees

    Why Do Employees Still Need to Wear Masks?

    Can my employer require me to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

    Kogniz Announces Three Strategic Executive Appointments to Position the Company for Growth

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