Easily automate federal vaccine mandate compliance

    October 25, 2021

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    Sara Gioia

    While the Biden Administration’s COVID Vaccination Guidance for private businesses is still pending the updated OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard, federal contractors need to comply with the federal vaccine mandate by Nov. 8th. Federal contractors everywhere are scrambling to comply with their own set of binding requirements and need to act swiftly.

    The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force’s “guidance” applies to all federal contractors with contracts that exceed the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. Under the guidance, contractors and subcontractors must ensure that all covered contractor employees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (unless the employee is legally entitled to a vaccine-related accommodation). Additionally, the contractor must specify a COVID-19 workplace safety coordinator (or committee) to manage vaccination compliance, and ensure that employees and visitors are adhering to mask and physical distancing guidelines.

    Most federal contractors have never had to designate a COVID-19 workplace safety coordinator, and very few currently have technology to facilitate compliance. Luckily, Kogniz is here to help! The Kogniz AssureAI platform simplifies and automates the compliance process and helps contractors to prove compliance with ease. With Kogniz, COVID-19 workplace safety coordinators simply have to upload a list of current employees, let the Kogniz AssureAI platform do its work, and manage federal vaccine mandate exceptions.


    Start complying with the federal vaccine mandate in 6 easy steps:


    1. Upload employee records to Kogniz AssureAI


    Complete an upload a template to create employee records in the Kogniz AssureAI platform to start the process to comply with the federal vaccine mandate.


    Simple upload template streamlines employee data collection


    2. Collect vaccination information from employees


    Kogniz will automatically send a survey to all employees via email and/or text message. Additionally, you can post survey QR codes on company intranet pages or around the office. The survey will prompt individuals to upload an image of their vaccination card for Kogniz AssureAI preliminary validation. This will allow your organization to start reporting on compliance with the federal vaccine mandate.


    Kogniz AssureAI's vaccination record upload & verifier
    Kogniz AssureAI verifies that the uploaded image is valid before allowing the user to submit


    3. Automated, streamlined vaccination verification


    Once an employee submits a card, Kogniz AssureAI uses computer vision to extract the employee name and vaccination information. If the artificial intelligence (AI) is unable to automatically verify the card, it will send the card image and data to a manual review stage in which a Kogniz human verifier will check the card and correct the information to keep your organization in compliance with the federal vaccine mandate.


    Human-assisted verification prevents errors and ensures data integrity


    4. Maintain employee records


    Each employee’s vaccination information is stored in a vaccination record with a real-time audit log, ensuring easy, but secure access to federal vaccine mandate record-keeping requirements.


    Individual vaccination record with comprehensive change log


    5. Understand trends in a quick dashboard view


    View all vaccination information on a dashboard to quickly see which employees, locations, and departments need extra attention to comply with the federal vaccine mandate guidance.


    Drill-down dashboard allows administrators to quickly identify trends and compliance issues and to solve them.


    6. Generate reports for compliance stakeholders


    Generate compliance reports with a single click:


    Kogniz compliance report displays contractor vaccination statuses


    Make the move to comply now


    Kogniz offers a variety of workplace safety solutions for occupational safety, evacuations and personnel accountability and workplace violence.

    To see vaccine management in action, please register for our interactive webinar on putting the federal vaccine mandate into practice, or read about our current vaccine mandate offer to help you get started right away.

    Learn more about Kogniz AssureAI for mask detection, social distancing and contact tracing to complete the solution.

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