Kognizite Spotlight: Patrick Monteith

    March 8, 2022

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    Anne M. Acosta

    Welcome to Kognizite Spotlight, where we highlight a member of the Kogniz team. From engineering to client success to sales, what makes Kogniz a special place is truly its people and their shared passion to learn, collaborate and create safer, smarter workplaces. Today, we continue the series by highlighting one of our best collaborators and kaizen learners, Patrick Monteith of Sales Engineering and Client Success. Here’s a bit more on Patrick...


    Tell us about yourself and what you love about your job at Kogniz?


    What made you apply for your job at Kogniz?


    I first learned about Kogniz through an independent recruiter. I applied for a position after researching the impressive track record of our co-founders Daniel and Jed Putterman. As part of the interview process I sat in on a technical demonstration and was blown away by the potential and sophistication of our software platform.


    What are you excited about that you're working on now at Kogniz?


    I am excited to be at the forefront of integrating AI & Machine Learning into live video feeds. Right now my team and I are helping develop and implement solutions that will significantly improve safety in the workplace.


    What drove you towards sales engineering and client success?


    Towards the start of 2021 I transitioned from a sales role to a hybrid role that involves sales engineering, customer success, and product development. I was thrilled when our management team not only approved the transition, but whole heartedly supported me by helping me build new skill sets and allowing me to get involved with new and exciting projects!


    What's something that you learned from prior jobs that impacts your work at Kogniz


    I have worked for several start-ups, including Kogniz, and the number one lesson I have learned is you must be comfortable wearing many different hats. Each and every day can offer a new challenge, and you must be willing to embrace them and learn on the fly in order to succeed.


    What's your favorite part of working at Kogniz?


    Everyone I have met at Kogniz is supremely encouraging. My peers, managers, and leadership team care about my success on a personal level and provide guidance and opportunities to help me succeed and contribute to our company's mission in a meaningful way.


    What’s the culture like at Kogniz?


    What are your most excited about for the future at Kogniz?


    I'm excited to see how Kogniz will continue to push the boundaries of computer vision and AI. I believe that in the next five to ten years this technology will become more and more ubiquitous as Kogniz and other market leaders find new ways to seamlessly integrate their solutions into every day business operations to improve efficiency and safety.


    When you're not working, what do you like to do?


    I'm a huge nerd and love playing D&D. I also enjoy golfing, cooking, and serving as a mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.



    Thanks for reading. Want to read more? Meet Catherine Banville from Engineering next, or stay tuned for our next Kognizite Spotlight coming next month!

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