Kognizite Spotlight: Rohan Abraham

    May 5, 2022

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    Rohan Abraham | Kognizite Spotlight - About Us | Kogniz
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    Anne M. Acosta

    Welcome to the May 2022 edition of Kognizite Spotlight. This month, we’re featuring Rohan Abraham, Senior Software Engineer based  in Canada with Kogniz. Rohan is an incredible team player, who is always interested in learning more and soliciting feedback on how to create the best possible product that works for our clients’ needs. He’s known for his collaborative skills and can-do attitude on the team as well as for his engineering skills. Here’s a little more about Rohan...


    Tell us about yourself and what you love about your job at Kogniz.




    How did you find out about Kogniz and what made you apply for your job?


    I was contacted by a headhunter for this role; I believe that he reached out to me because my background covers both hardware and software design. I applied for the role because Kogniz builds products based on Computer Vision and AI, two areas of my interest. The Kogniz team liked the breadth and depth of my work experience and the fact that I really do place clients first.


    What are you excited about that you're working on now at Kogniz?


    There are a few areas that I am working on now. I am a technical lead for the front end team. I find it exciting because building a good UI/UX experience requires engaging with many people with diverse backgrounds. In addition to that I am working on building an automated testing infrastructure that allows us to ship features to our clients quicker with fewer defects. I am also working in the AI team to find ways to optimize our machine learning processing pipeline. I enjoy this because it requires deep knowledge of the hardware on which it is running.


    What drove you towards Engineering?


    I enjoy solving technical problems and have always had an affinity for math and science. Also, I was always interested in physics and electronics, and electrical engineering is a field that grows naturally out of physics and ties in well with electronics, so it made sense for me.


    What's something that you learned from prior jobs that impacts your work at Kogniz?


    Before Kogniz, I was involved in the design and development of a mobile phone for industrial use. This experience has taught me the value of good engineering practices when building a product. This is something I strive to achieve in my work in this company.


    What's your favorite part of working at Kogniz?


    I think my favourite part of working at Kogniz is the people. I really enjoy working with them because I can be open with them and trust them. There is transparency and good communication at all levels. I also enjoy the different areas that I get to work on. I greatly appreciate the work-life flexibility offered by Kogniz and the opportunities they provide to grow within the company.


    When you're not working, what do you like to do?


    When I am not working I like to read books, play with my kids, and go for a walk with our puppy, Skye. Whenever I can find pockets of free time, my go-to books to read are normally about technical design, physics, mathematics, and fiction.



    Thanks for reading. Want to read more? Meet Catherine Banville from Engineering, Patrick Monteith from Client Success & Sales Engineering, Whitney Heuer from Sales, or stay tuned for our next Kognizite Spotlight!

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