Wall Street Journal: AI Startup Rolls Out Effort to Autonomously Detect Mass Shooters

    June 30, 2022

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    We appreciate Wall Street Journal journalist Marc Vartabedian's coverage of Kogniz in a featured article.  Here is a direct excerpt from the article:


    "Kogniz, which recently raised $10 million in venture funding, says its camera-related software can flag openly carried guns


    Kogniz Inc., a startup that says its artificial intelligence technology makes workplaces safer and smarter, recently raised $10 million in venture funding as it rolls out a new application for its technology: gun detection.

    Since its founding in 2016, the Berkeley, Calif.-based company has focused its AI on offering clients the ability to use their on-premises cameras to detect things like defective equipment and track supply-chain movements. Now Kogniz is offering an application of the tech to detect guns to potentially prevent..."

    Find the full article on the Wall Street Journal here (requires WSJ VC Pro subscription).

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