Kogniz AssureAI releases dashboards, vaccine management and Snowflake

    May 10, 2021

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    Kogniz AssureAI - April 2021 release | Products - SaaS platform | Kogniz
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    Anne M. Acosta

    The Kogniz team is excited to share news from the latest release of the Kogniz AssureAI SaaS platform for health, compliance and security, designed for the workplace of the future.   Below we highlight a few of the most significant changes in this release, including:

    • Completely new design and navigation to enhance the user experience and take advantage of greater screen "real estate"
    • New dashboards to make it easier to understand the health and safety needs across multiple locations
    • Flexible vaccine management capabilities for your organization's specific needs
    • Snowflake integration to combine Kogniz AssureAI data with other datasets for reporting and data visualization needs

    In this short video Patrick from Kogniz’ Customer Success team will share a few highlights from the latest release of the Kogniz AssureAI platform.



    New navigation & user interface to create an improve the user experience

    We’ve moved the platform’s navigation menu from the top of the screen to the left side of the screen in order to increase the size of the usable screen area, improve scalability and mobile responsiveness and expand Kogniz’ ability to use sub-menus.

    Dashboard for data visualization

    We’ve also added completely new dashboards that allow users and administrators to visualize system data through a series of charts, graphs, seat maps, and call-out dashboards for a holistic view of how your organization is performing on the factors that matter to your organization such as vaccination, occupancy management, contact tracing, or incident management. This also enables your team to pinpoint specific locations that need attention on adherence to company policies and procedures. The dashboards are based on reports for your specific needs with drag-and-drop capabilities to see the reporting modules for enhanced decision-making.

    Vaccine management

    We’ve also released new functionality for vaccine management that can be used to track vaccine participation rates, send reminder notifications and incentivize employees to get vaccinated—all while maintaining the privacy of your colleagues. Kogniz also works with your team to restrict access to only those who need it for privacy and security reasons.   Kogniz AssureAI can also help you roll out your vaccine program from gentle reminders to a vaccine mandate within your organization.

    Snowflake integration

    Last but not least, we’ve also wanted to share that we’ve completed the foundational development work to integrate with Snowflake for our clients to connect their databases to Snowflake for data aggregation and visualization.  Snowflake makes it possible for its clients to combine data storage, processing, and analytic solutions in an environment that's faster, easy to use, and offers extreme flexibility.

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