Taking the hassle out of checking for masks

    August 26, 2021

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    Anne M. Acosta

    Let’s face it. Nobody loves wearing masks indoors or outside, but with a pandemic raging globally and local outbreaks becoming the norm, there’s a long list of organizations that either recommend or mandate using masks, and given recent history, those requirements are likely to go back and forth as COVID-19 infections rise and fall.

    Mask checking: important, but hard work

    The CDC, local health departments, Occupational Safety and Health Administration may have guidance that recommends the use of masks in the workplace for employees, visitors, and guests. Many employers are deciding to mandate vaccines and/or to require masks, but how that work gets done can be a lot more complicated.

    Determining who is responsible for mask compliance checking is the first step, and it can also be an expensive option. Do you move staff from their primary responsibilities to monitor for mask wearing at entrances, how about in areas where people eat or drink and throughout the workday? Hiring someone might be a better option, but there’s a cost to outsourcing as well. And what happens if someone becomes belligerent or violent about the mask requirement?

    Plans must be in place for all these contingencies and additional costs. All of this seems like a lot of work, but manual mask checking isn’t the only option.

    A better way

    The Kogniz AssureAI platform reduces the burden of mask compliance checking and streamlines the process with dramatically less effort. Picture this: you walk into a building entrance and look at check-in tablet, the app on that tablet notices that your mask isn’t covering your nose. It tells you, “Hi there, please cover nose with your mask.” You pull your mask up, and it says, “Thank you. Have a good day!”

    This is just one small example of how Kogniz can help. Kogniz helps employers to simplify mask compliance at an entrance or wherever masks are required.

    Detecting mask usage

    In the example below, see how the Kogniz AssureAI platform can analyze a camera feed to indicate mask compliance for you.

    Taking it a step further

    Kogniz can also link up with your access control system and add a tablet with an interactive tool that tells visitors and employees if they’re cleared to come in based on mask detection. If it’s not being worn properly, the screen will tell the person to pull it above their nose or to find one at reception desk, for example. Kogniz collaborates with your team to create an automated configuration that works for your organization’s needs and workspaces.

    Learn more about pandemic-related solutions and PPE detection solutions from Kogniz.

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